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The DNA Test that's Helping Thousands Uncover their Unknown Ancestry:

Out of all the Ancestry DNA Tests we reviewed, CRI Genetics used the most advanced technology and had the most qualified professional geneticists running the show. They use patented DNA analysis software that goes above and beyond what all other DNA tests are capable of and they take information security seriously. Add onto this a U.S.-based service with top notch customer service and a unique “efficiency guarantee” return policy and it became impossible to NOT name CRI Genetics the winner.

Company Background:

CRI Genetics is a branch of the renowned Cellular Research Institute that’s run by Alexei Fedorov, Ph.D. He is an Associate Professor of Medicine and the Director of the Bioinformatics Lab at the University of Toledo. He has been progressing Mankind’s understanding of the human genome for over 35 years. Outside of CRI Genetics, Mr. Fedorov has designed, guided, and completed several scientific studies and his works have been cited by other experts hundreds of times.

CRI Genetics Pros:

  • Patented DNA Analysis Technology
  • ALL DNA Tested (no limits by gender)
  • VERY Detailed Ancestry Reports
  • Advanced Security Measures
  • “Efficiency Guarantee” Return Policy

CRI Genetics Cons:

  • Frequently Out of Stock
  • mtDNA and Y-DNA Tests not always available
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CRI Genetics also offers over 45 Health & Wellness Reports across 6 different categories.

Here is an overview of those reports, each report expands further into a wealth of information about you, that you can put to use in your daily life.

Sample Reports

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DNA Test Review Factors:

Analysis Tech:

CRI Genetics use brand new patented DNA analysis technology, arguably the most advanced genotyping chip ever created. They are able to examine 642,824 markers across your entire genome. Then, they compare your raw data against thousands of samples from around the world and use a combination of their genetic expertise and anthropological knowledge to determine your individual BioGeographical Ancestry.


As soon as they receive your sample, CRI Genetics separates your name and any personal information from your sample. All of your information is then securely encrypted. Only you are able to access your personal information. They store your DNA and data for your convenience and for research purposes, but you can choose to have them remove it. They do not share any of your information with any third parties, period.

Customer Service:

Users have indicated that the company is easily reached, with little to no waiting time, between the hours of 8am and 7pm EST. Additionally, most report that emails and social media inquiries are promptly returned, usually within no more than 12 hours. We had a similar experience when communicating with them as part of writing this article.

Return Policy:

CRI Genetics has a unique “Efficiency Guarantee,” where they promise to get you your reports in fewer than 8 weeks or else you get your money back. This is unprecedented in an industry that’s known for taking time to produce results and in which return policies are rare.

User Reviews Found Online:


“I Feel Like I Know Myself And My Family Better Now.”

The discoveries I made with CRI Genetics have given me a completely new understanding of my family history. It’s been so exciting to take this journey. I feel like I know myself and my family better now.

Andrew K.


“I Was Never Sure About My Heritage, But CRI Genetics Helped Reveal My Unique Mix Of Ancestry.”

CRI Genetics gave me a better understanding of my background and genetic makeup. I was never sure about my heritage, but CRI Genetics helped reveal my unique mix of ancestry. I absolutely recommend it!

Ashley J.


“I Love My Adopted Family, But I Really Wanted To Know!”

As an adoptee, I didn’t know anything about my parents or what my biological family history looked like at all. I love my adopted family, but I really wanted to know! CRI Genetics helped solve the mystery for me.

Sara H.


“It Was A Simple Dna Test... Swab One Cheek, Then The Other Put Into The Postage-Paid Box.”

Instructions are straight forward and very simple. It was a simple dna test... swab one cheek, then the other put into the postage-paid box. One thing it didn't include was how fast it was going to get results, I did an ancestry test last year and took almost 10 weeks, this test from crigenetics took only 3 weeks to get results. Glad I did it. The detail in the report is amazing, I can see my breakdown by about 15 different countries, and even shows small percentages of where bits of my dna came from, like 2% Australian, 12% German, 1% south east Asian. Great test!

Jenny, B | San Diego, CA

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Dual BioGeographical Ancestry Reports
Detailed Percentage Breakdown of Heritage
Ancestry Timeline Report
Caffeine Metabolism and Consumption Report -
Milk Digestion Report -
Bitter Taste Report -
Umami Taste Report -
Fat Storage Report -
Overall BMI Report -
Alcohol Flush Report -
Triglyceride Levels Report -
Earwax Report -
Body Odor Report -
Food Cravings Report -
Drowsy After Eating Report -
Asparagus Smell Report -
Smell Floral Report -
Sun Sensitivity Report -
Red Hair Color Report -
Hair Thickness Report -
Basic Eye Color Report -
Genetic Weight Loss Blueprint -
DNA-Based Recipe Guide -
Food Allergy Reports -
DNA-Based Vitamin Recommendations -


$79 Was: $121.25


$119Was: $239

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